Monday, February 10, 2014

Catacombs - In the Depths of R'lyeh (2006)

Such a haunting album starting off, to finish, with guttural vocals and a repetitive guitar riffs that traps you in a cocoon of your own nightmares.  Catacombs established himself from Arizona in 2000 and "In the Depths of R'lyeh" is the second coffin maker he has released.  What an overwhelming source of heaviness within each song pulling you deeper into the soil, sand, or in my case...the couch.  It might be a little weird to how comfortable this album makes me feel with the casket of musk it lays through my head, but the songs are real long and I know that I cannot be the only one that feels this way.  Definitely not a fast paced by any means, but I have so much music that I put on strictly for the mood that I am in and Catacombs can be slumped into my "bed-metal" or "listening on headphones and drinking a beer while my girlfriend studies-metal".  Devastating stuff from Xathagorra Mlandroth and I bet the next album will succeed this one and hope, in my opinion, the pace picks up alittle too.
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  1. Could you upload this again? While unzipping, it says that the rar file is corrupted, and the last two tracks don't appear. I would appreciate it.